Project Description

Vendor Code: 702595 (Heat treating and brazing)
AMS2670,AMS2675, AMS2750, AMS2759, AMS2759/1/2/3/4/5, AMS2773, AMS2774 EDS1306, LHV 9502, EIS1201, EPS15566, EPS200, EPS216, EPS227, EPS251, EPS253, EPS258, EPS260, EPS266, EPS267, EPS267-1, EPS269, EPS270, EPS278, EPS292, EPS333, EPS371, EPS380, EPS401, EPS407, EPS416, EPS420, EPS423, EPS433, EPS433-1, EPS433-2, EPS437, EPS465, EPS485, LHP 6113, LHP8311, MSRR9969, RPS574, RPS923, RPS953
(Approval not applicable to operations requiring liquid quench such as polymer, oil, water.)