Mission Statement:

    The ultimate goal of Exotic Metal Treating is Customer Satisfaction: consistently providing a service that exceeds customer requirements, on a timely basis, at a reasonable cost. To put it simply: provide to the customer what he wants, when he wants it, at a cost he can afford.

    This is a bold, simple statement simple with a complex execution that can only be achieved by a team effort involving each and every employee. Consistent quality is not an accident or afterthought. It is the result of careful process planning; employee training and experience; equipment maintenance, qualification and certification; control of materials; and diligent execution of explicitly written procedures. EMTI realizes that in order to meet this goal, every employee must be: trained, allowed to participate, encouraged to communicate, motivated to provide for innovation and continuous improvement, and be rewarded for excellence.

    This Mission Statement forms the basis of our Total Quality Management Program, a team effort involving all levels of processing personnel, to provide superior services to our customers through a commitment to the highest standards of quality. In order to accomplish this mission, EMTI recognizes:

  1. Customer satisfaction as the driving force for the services that we provide.
  2. The quality of services provided has a direct impact on sales, profits and long term corporate goals.
  3. Seeking continuous improvement in all areas of service is necessary in maintaining customer satisfaction and to remain viable in a competitive industry.
  4. Maintaining the highest ethical standards and practices is necessary in obtaining and maintaining a loyal customer base.
  5. Our employees are our most valuable asset and we must strive to maintain a suitable work environment with compensation and incentives necessary to build and maintain a loyal, dedicated work force.

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