At Exotic Metal Treating, Inc. (EMTI) we realize the importance of integrity and trust our customers depend on in their contractors.  To help establish your trust in us, we are providing you with some information about what we do, who we are, and why we do it the way we do.

    In 1973, Exotic Metal Treating (EMTI), was founded by Woody Cheek. He started his venture as a part time company. Soon the business grew as he saw the potential for his company increase. Since that time, we have gone from having only 1 furnace to 10.

    By 1982 we had 3 employee’s, Cheek, his son, and his son-in-law, Keith Susko. As the company grew, it expanded its facility to be able to handle larger projects. EMTI had grown to a $500,000 a year company while maintaining a profit ration of more than $130,000 per employee.

     In 1987, EMTI Business had grown to provide services for a wide range of clients with projects ranging from electrical plants in Japan, military planes protecting our skies, to spacecraft that continue to explore our solar system.

    Then in 1997 Cheek was nearing time for retirement so he prepared his son-in-law, Keith Susko, to be ready to take over the operation of EMTI. In 1999 Susko officially took over control of the company. EMTI continued to prosper under the control of new management.

    In 1999 they once again embarked on a growth period, by planning on adding a new furnace for each
of the next 3 years.

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